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Dragon Lord


This game has a peculiar dynamics inherent in the MMORPG fantasy genre. The whole plot is built in a fairy kingdom. The battle is fought by elves, orcs, dragons and humans. These characters have an unusual appearance, unique skills. The developers have applied modern methods of manufacturing a gaming platform that allows you to visualize the eternal battle of fabulous creatures and people.


Minimum requirements

ОСWindows XP / Windows 7
CPUAMD  (2 GHz) / Intel Core (2 GHz)
Video512 Mb

Game screenshots

Gameplay Dragon Lord

At the very beginning of the gameplay, it is worth choosing one of the characters. There are eight heroes. Each is not like the other, has its own tactics of warfare. The first in this rating line is the girl Carmina. At first glance tender, she has powerful magic in her arsenal, she is a witch.

Angelic appearance Aurora is the heroine of good and light. Another representative of the female half is Naim. Her strong point is the ability to hide in the shade, not to be noticed. Hero Metatron is fighting for justice, honor. Able to control ice – this is Ulder.

The mage and half demon is Nevermore. He is a strong enough character. Not inferior to him in the skills of Bigfoot. Together with him, a tame bear from ice is fighting. Fury – This warrior knows how to handle blades well. They are part of him.

Is the choice of a fighter made? It’s time to fight. Locations should be held in accordance with the selected characters. Each has its own plot..


  • High-quality graphics, easy keyboard control.
  • The ability to fight on the side of one of the four factions.
  • You need to go through daily tasks. With effective passage, there are reward points.
  • The mysterious world of monsters provides an opportunity to fight with bosses, get prizes.
  • You need to equip your warriors, take weapons from bosses or buy them with money.
  • After completing the school of magic, you can get magic skills..

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