ElvenarElvenar is a free browser-based turn-based strategy game that will immerse the player in the fascinating and colorful fantasy world. The goal of the game is to build and bring prosperity to your own unique city. Before the adventures begin, it is necessary to determine the race that you will lead to prosperity – magic elves, or people who comprehend the secrets of science. Each of them has its own advantages, abilities, and methods of warfare.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / 7
CPU1,2 Ghz
Video128 Mb
RAM128 Mb

Game screenshots


  • bright, colorful world with detailed drawing;
  • each race has specific skills, abilities, and behaviors;
  • magic crystals needed to improve buildings can be either mined or conquered from the enemy;
  • two battle modes – automatic and manual;
  • the opportunity to take part in large-scale events, various competitions and tournaments;
  • animated battle;
  • the opportunity to help neighboring players, and to receive the necessary help.

Gameplay Elvenar

To become a great commander leading troops to victory, to develop a complex science of trade, or to achieve unprecedented heights in the development of technology – the choice of strategy remains with the player, but it all starts with the first construction. All buildings in the game can be developed and improved, which opens up access to new resources and allows you to receive increased income. Gradually, the need arises to expand the occupied territory – this can be done by studying new technologies, conquering, or simply buying, having accumulated a sufficient number of in-game currency units.

You can explore the world and conquer new spaces both independently and by teaming with like-minded people. Scouts will help to explore the surrounding space, and discover the mysterious relics of the ancients, which can significantly improve the production of necessary goods. Also, these artifacts can either be conquered or exchanged from other players.

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