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Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires is an online browser game made in the genre of urban economic strategy. The player has to go through a difficult path and turn a small cave from the Stone Age into a full-fledged colony. But not everything is so simple, because he is not the only one who wants to conquer the universe!

On the way you will meet other players. And they will be friendly or hostile – fate itself decides.


System requirements

OSWindows XP / Windows 7
CPUPentium 3
Video128 Mb
RAM128 Mb

Game screenshots


  • An opportunity to go through a fascinating journey from the Stone Age to the colonization of Mars.
  • Browser online game – no need to download and install.
  • There are thousands of real players around you, not programmed boring NPCs.
  • Many social interactions: you can develop peacefully, attack other provinces, organize clans and join economic unions.
  • Unlimited freedom of action – the game does not put you in any frame.
  • Unobtrusive donat – for crystals, you can speed up the production or construction of new buildings.

Gameplay Forge of Empires

Forge of Empires can be safely divided into three parts. The first is the construction of their own city. In order to build a powerful empire, you must correctly allocate resources. The free space of the town is limited, and it needs to accommodate huts, industrial buildings and decorative elements. It is worth breaking the precarious balance – and unhappy residents will refuse to work. Therefore, approach resource allocation wisely.

The second important part is the capture of new territories. Around you are thousands of free provinces, and you can join them to your empire. Moreover, you can both attack the old rulers, and make them a good offer.

The third element of gameplay is combat. It follows the principles of classical tactical strategies. First you select the number and type of warriors, and then enter into a turn-based battle. The task is simple: take the best positions and defeat the enemy.

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