GrepolisGrepolis — A free, real-time browser strategy that immerses the player in the magical and fascinating world of ancient Greece. You have to start with a small unprotected settlement in order to gradually develop it into a huge metropolis, bringing its creator untold wealth and glory of the great ruler.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / Windows 7
CPU1,3 GHz
Video128 Mb
RAM128 Mb

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  • patronage of the gods of the ancient Greek pantheon greatly facilitates life;
  • each divine essence has its own unique set of amplifications and skills;
  • mythological creatures sent by celestial patrons — hydras, manticores, and many others — may be present in divisions;
  • to get more skilled warriors it is necessary to develop technology, build barracks and an academy;
  • the ability to create your own clan or join a friendship;
  • building your own wonders of the world;
  • various naval and land battles;
  • colorful and detailed world;
  • unobtrusive and melodic musical accompaniment.

Gameplay Grepolis

The road to greatness begins on a small island where you need to establish and develop your own city. The initial goal will be the extraction of resources, and the construction of buildings with the development of infrastructure. Based on the chosen strategy of behavior, the funds obtained must be invested in the development of the policy. This will allow you to hire the best warriors, build more equipped ships, learn new types of weapons.

From your island, you can begin expansion into neighboring territories in order to extract even more resources, and take another step towards building a real empire. Initially, other players will be present on the island with you, with whom you can enter into profitable alliances to jointly explore new territories, or arrange epic battles for a place in the sun.

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