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Jade Goddess

Jade Goddess

Browser game in the genre of MMORPG Jade Goddess of the Russian manufacturer. The scene unfolds in a fantasy world, and each player is immersed headlong thanks to the details and graphics.

The game is free, it can be played through the official website or the social network Vkontakte, through which, in fact, the game is distributed. Also, for an extra donate, you can buy some paid items.

The plot and the world are based on ancient Asian myths. According to the plot, the nifritic goddess, who showered humanity with her gifts, died during the bloody war. And you have to revive it in order to return prosperity to their native lands.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / 7
CPU1,2 GHz
Video128 Mb
RAM128 Mb

Game screenshots


  • Game with autobot. The game is farming for you, PvP is sewn for you. Playing for you.
  • Several branches of talent for the development of the hero
  • The development of a companion pet that also sways when participating in battles
  • Unique skills for each character class
  • A variety of combos and combinations in PvE and PvP.

Gameplay Jade Goddess

The game provides four classes of heroes to choose from: a swordsman, a hunter, a fury, and an Amazon. Each class has its own characteristics and skills. In addition, in PvE and PvP, you can use many components and combinations that allow you to inflict colossal damage to an opponent with powerful spells and battle techniques.

Naturally, the main task of the character is to farm, raising the level, on mobs and heroes of other players in PvP mode. Also, between farming on mobs you need to complete a variety of quests: bring an item, kill a monster and others. When completing quests, sometimes you also need to go down into the dungeons, where the player is presented with a new world, and fly on the wings.

Classes of heroes differ in the type of attack and skills. Archer: male character, ranged. Shoots from a bow. Fury: female character, ranged. And the swordsman is a man, melee. Amazon Woman Melee.