metin 2Metin 2 – a MMORPG game released in Korea in 2004. The once united kingdom split a meteorite called Methine Stone. After that, the animals began to turn into monsters, people died from diseases. Damage spread throughout the earth, new stones fell from the sky. But then an ally appears – the Divine Dragon, which gives people power to fight evil.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / 7
CPU1,2 GHz
Video128 MB
RAM128 Mb

Game screenshots


  • Developed trade. A lot is built on trade in the game
  • Many variations of pumping for each of the classes
  • PvP is large-scale: at least the entire population of the world can be drawn into it.
  • The game starts in a separate window, and this allows you to play it without interrupting work. Lightweight

Gameplay Metin 2

Chaos split the kingdom of the fantasy world into three factions fighting each other. The player will play for one of the parties: the Kingdom of Dendera, Milgaard, or Listsmos.,

At the beginning of the game, the player will have to choose one of three factions and a class. Six classes are provided: warrior, ninja, shaman, mage, warlock, lycan. The player will play for the character chosen by the dragon, whose goal is to restore peace to his native land. Each class has its own ways to achieve the goal, and each class can be pumped in two directions: a mage can become a healer or a combat mage using lightning as a weapon, and so on.

As befits a game of this genre, the main task of the player is to farm. By completing many quests, you get experience points, items, or valuable information. Also, instead of completing quests, you can grind, killing mobs on the map, thus gaining experience points. Also, the game has a “king mode”.

“King mode” allows you to play for the ruler of one of the factions. This allows you to command the army, creating large-scale battles against monsters generated by stone, or against other factions.

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