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Vikings: War of Clans

Vikings War of Clans 1Vikings: War of Clans – This is a strategic game in the genre of military strategy, where players try to build their own kingdoms, bring heroes to their side and create a professional army to conduct military operations against many other players. Players are distributed on servers regardless of their location in reality and language.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / Windows 7
CPU1,2 GHz
Video256 MB

Game screenshots


  • Decent 3D graphics and animation, as well as the good vibes of the Viking universe.
  • The fascinating formation of your own kingdom and active participation in strategic battles both individually and together with the clan.
  • A deep and adaptable development structure for those who know a lot about strategy – many branched developments.
  • A well-thought-out clan structure with its own hierarchy.
  • The game is completely free, although the advantages of donation for paid players are more than enough.

Gameplay Vikings: War of Clans

The basis of the gameplay is a carefully designed social component. Users are united in clans to achieve their goals. Your chosen character will gain new levels as the state built is strengthened, as well as with each subsequent battle won. Obtained points can be spent on many things, for example, to protect troops or to replenish the amount of resources obtained.

At the very beginning, you are provided with a dilapidated settlement, which you need to bring to mind. This is achieved by developing the resource base and creating a powerful army. Send scouts – to see when the enemy troops are exhausted and select the right moment to attack. So you quickly replenish your resources and excel in the eyes of your allies. The main strategy of the game is the development of the settlement, which serves as the economic basis of the kingdom, the creation and pumping of troops, an attack on the enemy and robbery.

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