AionAion – 3D MMORPG from the creators of Lineage II. The player is waiting for the battle in the air and on land, crafting, instances. Performing quests, you can fly a dragon, capture castles, kill monsters. The game has three main locations-worlds: The Light World is the world of Elios, inhabited by the Elyos. The dark world of Asmadeim, inhabited by Asmodians. Between the worlds there is a void in which the balaur dragons live. Neutral mobs and monsters in the game behave realistically: predators chasing prey, for example. There are seven professions to choose from in the game.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 7
CPU1.8 GHz
Video128 Mb
Disk space30 Gb

Game screenshots


  • Living world: streams murmur, foliage rustles on trees. This guarantees a strong immersion in the world..
  • The third side, which at any moment can get involved in the conflict between darkness and light – dragons
  • Air battles
  • Leveling the character is quite diverse due to the variability of quests and methods of farming
  • Huge locations. Wandering the wrong way, you can get lost in the forest, or, diving into the river, discover a new underwater world.

Gameplay Aion

First, the player selects a race and class for his character. You can also flexibly customize the character’s appearance to your taste.

The player’s task: to pump your character. The higher the level of the hero, the more abilities are available for battles, and the more items you can craft. At the tenth level, the character gains the ability to fly – many fights in the game will take place in the air. For winning the fights you can get valuable items and titles. The latter increase credibility among other players. Killing heroes, the player also receives abyss points, which you can buy weapons, armor, and other valuable items.

PvP mode – which also contributes to the leveling of the character – is unusual thanks to the dragons. They can intervene in the battle at any time, changing the course of events. Dragons cannot be played, AI controls them.

There are not many fractions, but they are all unique. Some make it possible to soar above the ground, others open access to flamethrowers. In general, it definitely won’t be boring.

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