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CrossFireCrossFire is a free MMOFPS (massively multiplayer online first-person shooter), a classic-type shooter of the Korean production SmileGate. The game was released in 2009. The plot of the game is quite simple: this is a struggle of 2 corporations. Parties to the conflict here are Global Riskс and Black List.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 7
Video128 Mb
Disk space4 Gb

Game screenshots


  • Crossfire provides free access with minimal transactions. An excellent choice of a variety of weapons obtained for real (weapons with a unique status) and virtual finance.
  • For each mode and type of battle, several cards are available.
  • The authenticity with which most character images are traced.
  • The equipment of the fighters corresponds to the authentic uniforms of special forces of different countries.
  • There are several original ideas, for example, the mode “Battle of ghosts”.

Gameplay CrossFire

All events in Crossfire are related to the confrontation of two military corporations whose moral values do not correspond to each other. The plot focuses on the confrontation between two global organizations – Global Risk and Black List. The first is fighting for special forces, the second is for terrorists. The player should choose which of these two factions to join..

  1. Global risk The organization’s most important goals are the defense of generally accepted moral values and the eradication of terrorism..
  1. Black List. Moral fighters who organize subversive and terrorist activities around the world. Usually they can take on any, even the most nasty and foul-smelling work, if they are paid well for it.

For any fraction, there are several types of characters, each with its own uniform.

For winning the round, players are given the experience that is necessary to increase the rank and points, to spend in the store and to buy the necessary useful items.

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