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Crossout is an action-packed MMO that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The setting of the explosive game resembles the famous “Mad Max” with its unimaginable cars and vicious battles. There is only one difference – now at the wheel of a car is not an abstract hero, but you.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 7
CPUAMD  (2,4 GHz) / Intel Core (2,4 GHz)
Video1 GB
Disk space3 GB

Game screenshots


  • Atmospheric post-apocalyptic setting – a ruthless wasteland that does not forgive mistakes.
  • A variety of maps – you have to fight in the desert, mountains and ruins of an abandoned city.
  • Interesting and diverse fractions, providing access to unique modifications.
  • Realistic damage system.
  • A multifunctional designer where you can create your dream car.
  • Huge selection of body kits: machine guns, flamethrowers, pilots, flying drones, invisibility generators and much more.

Gameplay Crossout

The game starts atypically – you are not offered to choose the next ready-made plane or tank. Crossout asks you to join one of the post-apocalyptic factions, and then offers to create your own car. Yes, yes, you understood correctly. Here you can create your own car from scratch.

The designer exceeds all expectations. Powerful studded wheels equipped with bumper blades or turbines with which you can soar above the ground can be attached to a sturdy case.

You can test your car in powerful online battles with other players. In the game you will not encounter typical fights and shootings. The most common battle in Crossout is an explosive mixture of races, epic battles, and team battles. You have to destroy the entire fighting force of the opposing faction, seize their base and seize resources.

There are not many fractions, but they are all unique. Some make it possible to soar above the ground, others open access to flamethrowers. In general, it definitely won’t be boring.

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