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Lineage 2


Lineage 2 – 3D MMORPG. At the beginning of the game, the player selects a character from all the starting classes and races available in the game. This does not affect in any way in which faction or side of the conflict he will fall in the future.

In the future, the player is available for more than thirty professions. You can create seven unique characters on one game account..


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / 7
Video128 Mb
RAM512 Mb
Disk Space8 Gb

Game screenshots


  • PvP is possible at locations for hunting. Not available in peaceful places..
  • The game “punishes” the player for killing players without resistance.
  • In difficult situations, when completing quests, players of different professions find a different way out. With imagination, you can come up with your own way.
  • Clan game and group game.
  • Artifacts may break
  • The game is created by people playing it – gathering clans, making alliances and declaring war on an unpleasant clan. Communicating with real people, creating an internal server policy.

Gameplay Lineage 2

You can play both against AI and against characters controlled by other players. On the Internet or local.

The main task of the game: pumping your hero. The stronger the hero is pumped, the more skills and abilities are revealed to the player, and the more difficult quests you can take. Simply put: the longer a player plays, the stronger they become.

The game is divided into many locations. Locations are divided into small spots – small areas, on one of which either one character or several can swing, if this spot is suitable for this. There are monsters on the spots, killing which the player sways. For the spots between the players there is an eternal PvP, since it is more profitable to swing on some spots than on others, and everyone wants to take the most advantageous place. Often, several players gather in a team to beat off the most profitable spots for the farm. And when a player opposing the battle for the spot also gathers a team, but more than you, you begin to recruit new people into yours.

Gradually, this turns into a clan war, for which you need to pump, and then the farm makes sense. The game closes in a circle: you farm to become stronger in PvP, and fight PvP for the sake of farming. Also, the clan can capture the castle to receive additional resources from it.

On the official Russian servers, you can play two main game chronicles out of seven.

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