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The action of this MMORPG takes place in one of the most popular worlds of Dungeons Dragons – forgotten kingdoms. In the thriving city state of Neverwintere. The city was covered by a wave of disasters: the witching plague, after which the city survived, and immediately after the volcano woke up. Which finished off the city, razed it to the ground. After the rebuilding of the city in some of its not rebuilt parts, evil spirits and strange creatures began to dwell.

This game is a series of sketches about the city after all these monstrous disasters.

The game is free, but for additional donations you can get items and equipment inaccessible to “free”.


Minimum requirements

OSWindows 7
Video128 Mb
Disk space23 Gb

Game screenshots


  • Variety of companions
  • Variety of races
  • A simple script editor that can be run right in the game window. You can create your quest, your adventure, and put it in the public domain so that other people can play it.
  • For the manufacture of items you do not need to be in a location suitable for this: the manufacture takes place in the background, wherever you are, and in parallel you can do anything.
  • Unique battle style for each class.

Gameplay Neverwinter

As in all RPGs, the main task of the player is to pump the character and complete quests. Classic quests: bring an item, kill a monster, escort someone to their destination, or escape.

The game also has a variety of NPC companions, which can be found in different locations. Each of them is appropriate in a special situation: therefore, one should think well when changing a partner – will he be appropriate for you now?

Each class in the game has seven to eight active abilities located on a special panel. The game has five classic, familiar to all classes. Everything is more interesting with races: there are half-orcs, tieflings, half-elves.

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