NextRp is an amateur project that has grown into a full-fledged game. Still remember the famous criminal Russia mod on GTA? The creators of NextRp went further and presented a full-fledged game about Russia, made on the basis of a map from GTA: San Andreas. The area here was altered into a typical Russian town.

This is not another mod, but a major online project. The action takes place on a multiplayer RP server (RP – roleplay, a type of game interaction in which each character plays a role). You have to go a difficult way from an ordinary tramp to a respected businessman or leader of a local gang.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / Windows 7
CPUAMD  (2.5 GHz) / Intel Core (2.5 GHz)
Video1 Gb
Disk Space20 Gb

Game screenshots

Gameplay NextRp

NextRp does not set any framework or rules. You can create and play any character that only flies into your head. The game begins with customization: you choose your name and appearance. After that, you find yourself in an open world where you can do anything.

Hundreds of paths open to the player. You can get a job, put together the first capital, buy a comfortable house and open your own business. Or you can cling to a local gang and commit some daring robberies. True, for this, participants can go to jail. Local police, also made up of live players, zealously keep order

The interaction between the players takes place through voice and text chat. There is only one limitation here – you cannot go beyond the scope of an invented role. NonRP punishable by the eternal ban.


  • The action takes place not in distant California, but in the usual Russian town.
  • Not a single NPC programmed, only real players.
  • Carefully recreated atmosphere of a residential town.
  • Strict moderation and bans for non-RP.
  • Fun and varied gameplay.
  • An open world with many mechanics.
  • Unlimited Role-Playing Opportunities.

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