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Point Blank

Point BlankNetwork first-person shooter team (MMOFPS), created with the participation of NCsoft – the creators of the second line.

The scene takes place in the mythical world, Korog. The kingdom, opening the door for immigrants, is mired in ethnic wars. The player does not need to choose which side he will play. This he determines immediately before the match. Like Counter-Strike.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 7
CPU1 Ghz
Video512 Mb
Disk space20 Gb

Game screenshots


  • Deep customization of the character’s appearance: you can customize the face and costume to your taste
  • Many game modes and several types of matches
  • Three types of matches: regular, using any weapon; fist fight where weapons are disabled; and duel with sniper rifles.
  • It differs from Counter-Strike in a large selection of modes and the participation of a third party – dinosaurs.

Gameplay Point Blank

The game is built on the confrontation between the parties: immigrants and peacekeepers who confront each other in match PvP battles using more than 140 types of weapons. In the 2011 update, another race was added – dinosaurs.

The pace of the game is very fast, this game resembles a counter strike. Contains destructible and dynamic objects. You can customize your character to your taste.

The player will participate in fast battles, completing tactical missions. Survive. For received for successful battles, the player receives medals and experience points, for which you can buy weapons and rise in rank.

There are thirteen character skins. Five to the side, and three to the dinosaurs.

The player has eight game modes to choose from. The modes differ in their tasks and goals. In some, you need to kill the set number of enemies in the allotted time, in others, protect your object from the opponent, and so on..

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