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RAID: Shadow Legends

The release of this game version took place at the end of July 2018. At the moment, this game is quite popular among players. It refers to role-playing collective online games. Gathering in squads, gamers compete in real time with opponents.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 7
CPUAMD  (2 Ghz) / Intel Core (2 Ghz)
Video512 Mb
Disk space5 ГБ

Game screenshots

Gameplay RAID: Shadow Legends

This type of simulator belongs to a strategic party. In this case, you need to collect characters. It is necessary to deal with their development. Make combinations of different skills. This will help to effectively repel the attacks of a strong adversary.

In all collective online games, you cannot predict the progress of another gamer, unlike automatic confrontation. You should develop your own tactics. Complete the first level training. After that, the asset receives several “simple” heroes. When passing a certain number of locations, you can access a larger number of characters (there are more than 400).

Interactive interaction of Raid: Shadow Legends and the player takes place in 13 fractions. At the same time, he can get at his disposal the high and dark elves, barbarians, dwarves, orcs, outcasts, etc.

The heroes that fall into the team are divided into several types: producing an attack and causing great damage to the enemy; defending the base and taking a large number of attacks on themselves; support team providing medical assistance; regenerated mutated creatures capable of repelling hard attacks.

Features RAID: Shadow Legends

  • A large number of gamers playing on this platform.
  • The ability to access heroes, their skills, to develop their abilities.
  • Modern graphics, high-quality musical accompaniment.
  • Advanced bonus system, rewards, gift rewards are provided.
  • The storyline keeps you energized throughout the gameplay.
  • The ability to fight real gamers from all over the world.

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