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Star Conflict

Star Conflict
The action of the game Star Conflict takes place in the distant future, in which humanity, which had long left the borders of the solar system, was divided into 3 competing factions: the Empire, the Federation and Jericho. The interests of these groups converged in a remote sector of the universe, where traces of the long-gone super civilization were found. Players are given the opportunity to compete for its technology and resources as a pilot of a spaceship belonging to one of the warring parts of humanity.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / Windows 7
CPUAMD  (2.3 GHz) / Intel Core (2.3 GHz)
Video512 MB
Disk Space8 GB

Game screenshots


  • Over a hundred diverse starships;
  • A huge variety of refinement of ships and soldiers;
  • The ability to change the fraction during the game;
  • Massive space battles as part of star fleets;
  • A large number of maps for battles and single or team quests.

Gameplay Star Conflict

When passing the game, you can participate in team battles against other players, as well as perform various missions in PvE mode. Earned money and resources can be spent on improving your starship. Fans of the genre will appreciate the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the hangar, creating their own unique starship and refining it to solve various tactical tasks.

Ships in the game are divided into several classes, each of which has a set of characteristics depending on race. Empire represents power, order and technological progress. Her equipment is well-armed, and her space forces are well organized. Federation ships are mainly owned by traders and adventurers. For them, the main thing is the speed and protection of ships and crew. Jericho went the way of modifying the human body by introducing various additional modules into it. The main weapon of this fraction is technically advanced soldiers.

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