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Star Stable

Star StableStar Stable Online, sometimes abbreviated as SSO, is an adventure game created by the Swedish developer Star Stable Entertainment AB. In Star Stable, the player gets the opportunity to experience various adventures and events on the island of Jorvik, as well as take care of his horses and chat with other players online. It is based on the Starshine Legacy games, which were released as standalone games in the early 1990s. In 2017, there were from 400,000 to 500,000 players every month with more than 12 million registered accounts.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 7 +
CPU2,2 GHz
Video1 GB
Disk space5 GB

Game screenshots


Choose your Sky Racing Star stable by selecting 10 horses with your virtual budget of $ 1 million from the list provided by our expert analysts. There will be six trading periods during the competition during which you can change your stable. You can trade two horses in each Trading Period and cannot accumulate trades. During the trading period, you can change your stable in any way if you maintain a stable of ten horses. At each racing meeting you will be able to choose one horse as a “stable champion”.

As new autumn stars appear, horses will be added to the list, which you may wish to include in your stable during trading periods. You are given one free trade in a jockey and a coach during the trading period.

Gameplay Star Stable

It has a lot of NPCs that can hand out missions, and simpler daily tasks, and give the game character a better reputation. Which, in turn, opens up more missions and possibly clothes / equipment. It is completely free at the first levels, but a higher version requires a paid version. Considering the gameplay, we can conclude that it is very convenient and simple for all users without any exceptions.

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