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War Thunder

War Thunder

War Thunder is a dynamic MMO action whose action takes place during World War II. Of course, there are many such games, but not a single project was able to offer players to first fly up to heaven on a military aircraft, and then show the enemy their firepower from an armored tank.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows 7
CPU2,2 GHz
Video1 Gb
Disk Space12 Gb

Game screenshots


  • A wide range of equipment – from light aircraft to powerful heavy tanks.
  • Realistic models recreated with precision by developers.
  • An exciting story mode where you can take part in historical battles.
  • Explosive battles between players where tanks and planes clash on the same field.

Gameplay War Thunder

The main “chip” of the game can rightly be considered the epic battle of tanks and aircraft on the same field. Players control all military equipment – there are no bots or programmed NPS here. In this case, you yourself can choose the technique in the main menu. You can choose from tanks and planes from 5 countries: USSR, USA, UK, Germany and Japan.

Explosive action in War Thunder reveals in multiplayer mode. Battles with players are divided into three categories. In arcade mode, you immediately find yourself on the battlefield. Here you can not worry about death: if your equipment is knocked down, you can immediately transfer to another plane or tank.

Realistic mode is much more complicated. On airplanes you will have to climb from the runway yourself Maneuvers on tanks will become much more difficult, because in your hands will be a real multi-ton colossus.

For fans of hardcore in the game there is an flight simulator. Fights in this mode take place on airplanes. And players will have to control everything, up to turning the key in the ignition and the angle of the steering wheel.

Well, if you don’t like multiplayer battles, feel free to go into historical mode. Here the developers lovingly recreated all the significant battles of the Second World War.

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