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This game version is an action, cooperative properties in online mode. The free-to-play format is of the 3rd person type. This development was released by the provider Digital Extremes.

The game plot is built on the battle of two factions. At this time, in the events described, the Earth was destroyed as a human habitat. Overgrown with dense forest. The battle broke out in the solar system. In this battle is carried out between the robotic army and the clones of soldiers.


Minimum system requirements

OSWindows XP / Windows 7
CPUAMD  (2 GHz) / Intel Core (2 GHz)
Video512 Mb
Disk space20 G

Game screenshots

Gameplay Warframe

A simple gameplay involves moving a character through the maze of a spaceship. In this case, you must engage in a battle with the enemy. At the first stages there are no difficult moments, everything is easy, the enemy is not difficult to defeat. But with the subsequent passage of locations, the plot becomes complicated.

Characters can be endowed with certain skills. New weapons are provided. It can defeat a robot faster, more efficiently. When passing new levels, access to cards is opened. In this case, the player can explore space with a large number of heroes.

The generation of locations occurs in random order. This makes the game plot unexpected, interesting. Moreover, in this version there is an opportunity to feel the taste of victory, thanks to the visualization of the battle. In a shooter, you can not only shoot, spreading the head to the enemy, but there is also a tactic of conducting close combat. In this case, strikes can be done in simple mode or make jumps, put down steps, beat on the fly.


  • English language for voice acting.
  • You can choose your character from three options.
  • Samurai tricks mixed with space battles.
  • There is no proper order of missions. They are generated by random selection..
  • It is possible to update weapons, turn on the “invisible” mode, receive various abilities.
  • You can help a friend. There is an opportunity to cure him.

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